Cold rain falls in the river, flows down to the sea, gets into the skyline, circles endlessly. Same old rain on the wind, same old pain in my soul.

Monday, February 15, 2010

You Knew

I believe in a God that is not bound by time. I believe He sees all things at once and knows the end from the beginning. Some things He stops, some things He allows. I can not help but wonder why.

a king’s view
the clouds, how they wafted
while the dust swirled
to a peasant’s
heavy footstep.

What to do
when even the noon sun
plays to your scepter
and the arrow
lies shelved

she bathes
see how the light
from the sands surrounding
shadows her hidden valleys

does she,
you suppose,
a dune and a battlefield away,
her husband,
so true and valiant
shall be the wine
that pours
to hide her shame
and mask a king’s boredom.

and you knew

his son
would fare no better, you know,
he who wrote
in wisdom’s rancid leather
and polished it clean
with God’s tarnex

we marveled
and hoorah’d
to the preacher’s
of noble verse
and etiquette
but when he himself
needed a drink
the fountain grew thorns
and in an old age
wisdom grew crazy legs
and danced to
Ashtar’s waltz

and, again, you knew

Samson would fail
and grind in the dark
Abraham would deny
his wife
to save his skin
and Judas
would swing in the shadows
for the purchase
of innocent blood.

and all of this, you knew

Paul would hold
the coat
while Stephen
grew heavier
and the greatest of speeches
went unanswered.

this too, you witnessed
in look away un-alarm

There is another,
oh, at least one,
but a trinket upon the universe's heavy chain.
another to be spared
from so much
for so long
grace beyond grace
mercy upon mercy.
a thousand pardons
for a thousand

only to finally

to the treasonous
and history’s snare
as the rabbit
would lose it’s fur, once more
and man his prideful cloak
and shorn, shorn, shorn my hair,
shorn to the roots!

and you knew-
all the while
you knew

a toast then!
and a cheer
to the fallacy
of man
and his appointment
as jester
to his own muse
on spineless legs
and invisible twisted strings.