Cold rain falls in the river, flows down to the sea, gets into the skyline, circles endlessly. Same old rain on the wind, same old pain in my soul.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Eloise Loses It

Every small town has a catholic school, it seems, and the always smiling lunch time ladies. But every body has their limit and things aren't always as they appear. (must give credit to WIAW for posting something similar but much better last week. I had to give it a shot)

didja see Elouise
down der at de pool hall?

Ya, chur did, ja know
all elbows
and hang out
in de corner pocket,
chootin with de Anderson girl

urd che went all lesbian
on Frank outa de clear blue
and tossed him out on his keister
witout so much as a what fer!

ja don’t say?
I do say! I do!

one day just sloppin
dem mashed potaters
and veeners
down der at de catlic school
and whoopee!
she jus' up and loses it
when de Miester kid pees his pants again.

den she runs up and lifts Sister Margarite’s habit,
or whatever dey call dat ting
den pinched her right der on er rear!
chur did, ja know!
and I heard Sister was wearing purple panties wit yellow flowers!
say, where d’ya suppose a nun gets a holt somtin like dat?

Oh gee willakers, I dint hear none a dat!

heard tell
dem other little squirts stood in line
and watched just like Ike Johnson ad rolled his old dozer again!
den she runs up and sticks a veener in Fadder Mitchell’s kisser,
pretends to light it,
and shovels a scoop of dem mashed p’taters right on his head.
slappin him silly and gibbin im a knee!
doubled 'im over like a toad with an ass kick dey say

ja don't say?
I do say, I tell ya!

and den she gave de revren mudder a big ol honk on dem big ooters of ers
and kissed er full on de lips!

en der's more,

and I’m not makin dis up,
she yanks off her own clothes,- dey say,
and runs out-naked as a jay bird!
bouncing and a floppin dis way and dat

Pete Willard said he saw her run past de café,
and rub her bare ass all over
de five and dime's big winder
as ol lady Schmidt watched from inside,
trying ta keep ol Schmidty from gett’n a peek, ya know,
what a hoot!

well, she never was right, cha know
not since dat der deal at Marv Sheplin’s funeral

ya, che was really lit dat night.
hard to live something like dat down.

dem kids’ll do dat to ya doe,
damn devils dey is!
a person can only take so much.
shame about er goin lesbian though

yeah, she sure looked good at de pool hall
and I never liked Frank anyway.