Cold rain falls in the river, flows down to the sea, gets into the skyline, circles endlessly. Same old rain on the wind, same old pain in my soul.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Armchair Adventurer

Well, it's happened. Back to work for me very full time and pretty much gonna have to let this thing drift. (don'tcha like how he talks as if someone's listening?) I'm feeling kinda down for other reasons as well, so I'll leave you with this small piece of my dreams for now. ~Rick

There was a time, far far far away in my youth, when I dreamt of great adventures. Climbing Everest, rounding the Horn on my hand built schooner...well. you get the idea. But time caught up and slipped by. Wifey came along and as one thing always leads to another, so did children. But dream I did. Oh, they were kept on the shelf, but I kept them dusted-just in case. Now the mirror says the game is up; take those dreams and put em in a cardboard box to be stuffed in the attic. But this being America and me being me, I think I might have a back up plan. Whaddya think? By the way, the little pic is cuz I meant to use the big pic but then couldn't figure out how to-hey, how do you get rid of a pic after bringing one on? Oh, well.

I read about the lawn chair,
the clouds, the planes, the views
a guy grown bored
his dreams un moored
it was all
on the ten O'clock news

what to do when forty-two
looks back from the rear view mirror?
Why, get on a chair
open a beer
and just let the jet stream steer

once I dreamt of peaks
and oceans stormy gales
to plant a flag
explore the stars
and hear the wind in sails

but my knees are weak
and my back does creak
as gravity has taken it's hold
it's time to scale back, I think
throw in my cards and fold

but now new hope
it does arise
in birthday balloons that soar
to wave goodbye to kin and friend
ignore my wife's implore

I'll wave to passing jumbo jets
and pee on those below
I wonder just how high to go
to turn that pee to snow?

I better take a blanket
been told it's cold up there.
I wonder if my color tv
would overload the chair?

a six pack? no, a twelve pack
some jerky and pretzel sticks
that should last to Georgia or so
I hope I land by six

well this is it
goodbye to all
just cut the rope and let her fly
feel the wind, drink the beer
sail the clouds and know no fear
to boldly go where few would dare
to risk my life without a care
adventure lies beyond the blue
but wait-too high-too fast, it's true

now I raise me up to sail
up to where the storm clouds hail
if I should crash instead of land
remember me
as an adventurous man