Cold rain falls in the river, flows down to the sea, gets into the skyline, circles endlessly. Same old rain on the wind, same old pain in my soul.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've Never Been To Spain

If dreams were stardust we could spend on wishes what a life I'd lead. My list of things I want to do keeps expanding while the obstacles continue to grow. Not complaining, really. I've done my share. But there's a few things that will probably haunt my daydreams until the grave.

I've watched them
from below
always and only
colours made up
in the thoughts of forever children
in patterns brutal
in their beauty

the wind, the rudder
turned only by the mood of God

drift sail up and dip
land with a
thump thump thump
bounce and a drag

but i've never

her back
the alley artist's
her hair
a perfect black tangle
of tease and tickle
to the purple green dragon.
i long to touch it gentle
kiss it wild

i might've
-then everyone did
but i never

such a big ocean
full of life and dangerous stoicism
no cops no help no love
no hate
just power in deep motion
and death by container ship
the ultimate irony

the grave here is easy
with earth never more than five miles below

and time
ha! time
as much use here
as a snow shovel

wanted to
thought i might
where do you get one?
how do?
what about?
she did
i watch her from here

but i've never

can you imagine?
like that?
with those?
and her?
do people really?
my word
what if God is watching?
will it feel?

yet my mind has been there
a thousand times
a thousand ways
in secret silence

i guffaw with the others
you know-
that face
til i go there again later
in secret silence
as God watches

but i've never
not really

just go to go?
do as the moment leads?
leaving monuments to heroes?
break their rules?
with no net?
and wear the scar as smile?

i've known some
read of them
in dark passages
I was one

But I've never

"well I've never been to Spain
but I kind of like the music
well they tell me I was born there
but i really don't remember"
(Hoyt Axton-I believe)