Cold rain falls in the river, flows down to the sea, gets into the skyline, circles endlessly. Same old rain on the wind, same old pain in my soul.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bearer of Water, Hewer of Wood

Bearer of Water, Hewer of Wood

The church bell clangs
reverberating throughout
steps pause
to lift an eye
to the others squint

It rings space and hope
and opportunity
watches are synced
smiles exchanged hats tipped

An anvil is a church bell
in a black hole
it clunks and thuds
passers grimace and close their ears
iron on iron in ugly nothing

Bearer of water, hewer of wood

See her there
on 5Th Ave?
feet that fly
hair that follows
like magical mice holding up the train

Those heels don’t land
they skip they graze, they fly
and don’t even wear

crowds part
-as if she'd notice

See him there
on dust and mud
somehow both
Tevye with his cart

The crowd looks down and away
ashamed of his shame
and his trail of tears

He plods Marley style
the tired feet
land like trees falling
the chains hide the wear

When he throws his head
the hair falls in his eyes

Bearer of water, hewer of wood

Jackman on the ledge
Depp on the bow
Swords raised
Hair flying
A glint a glitter
Teeth and eyes

Sparkle and pierce
in hero's glory

Damsels hang from the waist
He owns her terror
Clouds part
Soldiers flee
Horses bow

Ah, he’s won again
Credits roll

I stand on the cliff
all Wuthering Heights
waves crash below
threatening my impudence

I shake my fist to the sky
where is my ship?
where are my damsels?
my soldiers, horses and glory

Have I not bled
for the cause?
tell me then of my purse!

The clouds roll on their back
and laugh
For you? For you?
the waves retreat bored
knowing no foe

Bearer of water, hewer of wood

I glance to the house full of chores
No longer
Did you?
Have you?


I scream
to drown out the silence
that says ruin, ruin, all is lost!
the cold is a comfort
a friend an ally
that says we are one

A turn up-
silver streaks the blue
going to everywhere
leaving me behind
laughing, I know it

The storm raged last night
we anchored in the gale
the foreboding dawn
says we are drifting, drifting
on the great waves
toward the lee shore

All hands! All hands!
we’ll wreck!
and how then claw our way off?
I raise the mighty axe
the rope must be cut
the anchor freed
I bring it down

It thuds

The stump is too strong
Fucking oak

I fall to my knees in surrender
it is too late
we have wrecked
my fleet is no more
I reach for another stump
one of a thousand

Carry, cut, fix
Have you did you

Bearer of water, hewer of wood